A peaceful night’s sleep is very essential for everyone in order to perform daily life chores. Getting a good night’s sleep depends on a lot of different factors. Such as comfortable ambiance, stress level, room temperature and the list goes on but to get it right, you’ve got to start with the basics and your mattress is the first building block to a peaceful start.

If you’re in search for a new mattress and have recently started searching through the aisle of bedding stores, you would realize that there is a wide variety from which to choose. How do you know which mattress is best for you?

According to doctors who have been busy in different researches regarding sleep and body connection, the mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position, one in which your spine has a nice curvature and your heels, shoulders, and head are supported in proper alignment. N simpler words your body should be in a proper alignment.

If the mattress is too firm, it will push on those main pressure points and take you out of alignment and if it’s too soft, those pressure points won’t be properly supported, resulting that the whole body flops back. Both these scenarios would lead to body aches and an uncomfortable morning.

Generally, one type or brand of bed isn’t better than another but we can’t deny the perks of good sleep: We look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great through Better Sleep which makes it essential to choose the right mattress. In fact, researchers in different parts of world studied people with long-term back pain and found that on a people who slept on an uncomfortable mattress were more prone to it.

Now here come a few questions in our minds.

  1. Is It Time for a New Mattress?
  2. How does one know if the bed they’re sleeping on is the right one?

The answer is simple:

If we wake up in the morning and have some low back pain but after stretching we can get rid of it in 15 or 20 minutes, that means we have been sleeping on an inappropriate mattress. The right mattress is the one on which you feel no pressure, almost like you’re floating in air or you are sleeping on feathers.

So, if you’re looking for a new mattress, experts suggest testing it in the store and laying down on each mattress in the position in which you normally sleep. It helps you choose the best mattress for yourself.


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